What would the perfect man be like? Have you ever wondered this? Well WhatsYourPrice.com asked women in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegas to name the qualities of a "perfect man".

In all four cities, women said the perfect man makes at least $100,000.  Most want a guy who makes around $200,000.

Some other qualities of a perfect man are a bachelor's degree or graduate degree, brown or black hair, an athletic body type, a social drinker and a non-smoker.

I'm going to be completely honest, I've had a few men who would meet the qualities of the "perfect man" and I would agree yes, I would like a man with those qualities listed, BUT it takes so much more to be a "prefect man".

How about being good with children? A good sense of humor? Someone who is kind and understanding? I would say this list they gave was a good start, but those qualities alone doesn't make the "perfect man".

What do you look for in your "perfect man"?