It seems, almost daily, we hear stories of someone going to a restaurant or a store and running into some employee who surprises us with their lack of common sense.  I have to be honest, to be a business owner scares the hell out of me.  To have to hire people and depend on them to be successful is an uphill battle.

Gerald Crabtree, who is a professor at Stanford University's medical school, has published a couple of articles saying that modern humanity is getting dumber and dumber due to the lack of Darwinian competition in our safe, sanitized, civilized world.

He says, 'I would be willing to wager that if an average of Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions.'

He goes on to say that, 'one reason for this decline could be attributed to the innovations of technology.  Because of the many comforts technological innovations provide, there is no longer as much of a need for intelligence to survive in the world.'  You can see the complete article here

We hear stories all day long about dumb people.  What are some dumb things that you have seen people do?