I went to a local craft store last week. I was looking for a specific type of ribbon and they have a large supply of ribbon. The only problem is they are wrapped in plastic so its difficult to see what type it is so I couldn't tell if it was satin. There was an employee standing at the floral area doing NOTHING so I asked her for help, to which she replied "That fabic is around the corner near the bottom". there was four shelves "around the corner".

I ended up leaving the store empty handed, and won't be back anytime soon as there are comparable stores in our area. I'm just tired of people acting annoyed because they are asked to do their job. I asked for help and the reply I got was what your looking for is around the corner. Seriously?! Thank you captain obvious! I just was shocked at how she just stood there when I asked for help and didn't do anything.

Have you had a similar experience?